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Garbage and Recycling Cans
Posted on Aug 28th, 2014 Comments (0)

Your board of directors is requesting the help and cooperation of all Seven Coves residents.  Over the past several weeks our office has received many complaints about residents leaving their trash cans and/or re-cycling containers out in front of their homes or in their side yards in plain view from the fronting street.  We also have received complaints regarding residents placing their trash cans, re-cycling containers, and piles of trash out on the curb several days prior to our scheduled trash pick-up on Tuesday morning of each week.  All of this creates a very unattractive appearance to our subdivision and deminishes our property value.  Therefore, we are asking for everyone to cooperate by immediately doing the following to cure this problem:
Please always store your trash cans and re-cycle containers either inside of your garage, or behind a fence or enclosed area, somewhere out of sight from the fronting street.
Please do not place any of your trash, trash containers, or re-cycle containers out on the curb until Monday evenings, just prior to our scheduled trash pick-up on Tuesday mornings.  As soon as the trash has been picked up on Tuesday, please promptly move your garbage cans and re-cycle containers back to their storage location out of sight from the fronting street.  If you can not remove the cans the same day after trash/recycle pickup, please ask a neighbor to help out.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Your Seven Coves Board of Directors