Tachus Update
Posted on Jun 23rd, 2020

June 22nd, 2020    
To all Seven Coves Residents:
In my last Presidents update I mentioned the possibility of new internet services being installed by Tachus which has been installing new facilities in several other HOA’s such as Walden, Grand Harbor, Bent Water, and Point Aquarius. 
Some residents may be aware that Tachus work crews initiated excavation in several yards on Lake Shore Circle on June 1. This work was initiated without any notification to the Seven Coves Board (SCB) or to the residents on that street. Due to the lack of notification the crews were asked to stop work and did so after filling the minimal excavation that had occurred.
In a letter dated June 2 the Seven Coves Board expressed their concerns to Tachus about the lack of notice and requested clarification about the authorization to work within the subdivision. Tachus requested a meeting with the SCB and it was held on June 11th.        
Prior to June 11th the Seven Coves Board was under the impression, based upon a request from Tachus in late March, that the SCB would need to approve an easement agreement with Tachus before installation could proceed. Apparently, that request was in error as the roads within Seven Coves are public roads not private roads.
 In the June 11th meeting Tachus explained that under a state certificate they have authorization to install their facilities within county road right of way if the road is public not private.  However, Tachus management agreed with the SCB concerns about the lack of notice before starting work. This was in error and not consistent with Tachus normal procedures. 
Tachus indicated to the SCB they have largely met their goals for Seven Coves resident subscribers and Tachus intended to proceed with installation. Tachus management requested that the SCB agree to an installation plan and schedule so that Tachus could communicate the schedule to HOA residents that have subscribed for future service. The following is the agreed schedule:
Tachus will host an "open house" on June 29 for any Seven Coves resident to address questions or concerns about the installation plan or their services in the SC clubhouse from 12 PM until 8PM.
The SCB had planned to place the Tachus plan on the June 30th HOA meeting agenda. However, that meeting is now canceled. Residents comments would have been be taken but since no Board vote is required meeting cancellation does not change the plan as Tachus has the authority to proceed with installation in the county right of way.  The county right of way typically extends 10-15 feet past the curb. Residents that have comments on the topic should email them to
Tachus management and the SCB have agreed that installation will start on Monday July 13th.
Direct notices from Tachus to affected residents will be posted on doors on July 6th. Tachus estimates that construction will take 6 to 8 weeks to complete. We encourage residents to view the Tachus website that addresses questions about installation for customers and non-customers impacted by construction.   
Tim Steinmuller
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