"Stop Lake Lowering"
Posted on Nov 28th, 2019

Update from 2/3/2020
Click HERE to read the update from:
Mike Bleier, President
Lake Conroe Association
Update from 1/20/2020
Click HERE to read the update from: 
Mike Bleier, President
Lake Conroe Association
Update from 12/23/19
"The Seven Coves Board supports the area community and Lake Conroe Association efforts to oppose renewal of the
Lake Conroe Seasonal Lake Lowering Program
by the San Jacinto River Authority Board. This program was enacted in 2018 and
presented as a temporary measure to allow dredging to be completed on the West Fork of the San Jacinto river.
That dredging is complete and we are now entering the six month of very low
lake levels due to the SJRA summer draining of two feet of water from the lake. 
The attached letter summarizes further action the public can take regarding a petition addressed to Governor Abbott who
appoints the SJRA Board. It will be presented to the Governor prior to the SJRA Board review January 21st."
Click HERE for LCA letter.
UPDATE from 12/20/19
Click HERE for an update on the Lake Lowering and community participation from the Lake Conroe Association President.  
Seven Coves Residents
The Lake Conroe Association (LCA) is organizing all Lake Conroe area residents via their Homeowner Associations to
lobby the San Jacinto River Authority Management and Board to repeal the seasonal lake lowering program
implemented in 2018. The program was originally labeled as "temporary" while dredging was underway on the
San Jacinto river basin to reduce flooding downstream of Lake Conroe. The dredging program has been completed
but it appears that the SJRA may now continue the program as indicated in their press release issued last week. 
For more information please read the attached materials and letter from the LCA President Mike Bleier.
Updates will be provided as they become available. 
Seven Coves Board of Directors
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