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New Portal Login & Payment Option
Posted on Feb 9th, 2022 Comments (0)
For All Members, Marina, Trailer and Clubhouse Accounts
We have a new accounting system as you all have heard.  You now may access this portal and view your accounts and balances and make payments right on the portal.  We emailed portal logins to set up initial login, to all members, back on 10/28/21.  The email came from Investment Management Company, please check your old emails.  If you aren't able to find it or have changed your email please email Seven Coves office at and we can reset your password.  Again, you may pay your HOA dues, marina rent, trailer lot and clubhouse reservations through the portal.  If you have more then one account, they will all be synched to the one portal.  You won't have to sign in to different accounts or portals.  You may also make payments through our online banking system by credit card (fee involved) or by E-Check (free).  Please visit:  You will need the following information; Management ID: 3111, Association ID: 6111, Account No. see statement/portal, and property address.  If you are a non-resident and rent a slip, then put in your mailing address.  A message will open stating the address isn't recognized, don't worry, select ok/next until you get to payment setup.  You may still mail us or drop off payments to our office, but paying through the portal is the best efficient way to make payment.  Lastly, through the portal, you may submit "Action Items" to report anything like the light is out at the front entrance, deed violations, a boat sinking, etc.