Deed Restrictions
To protect the appearance of the Development and protect the value of our properties, the Deed Restriction Monitoring Committee conducts a weekly review of Seven Coves Development properties to ensure compliance with the Seven Coves Community Deed Restrictions. 

Targeted Deed Restriction Violations:  (Include but are not limited to the following)
1.   Boats, Watercraft and Trailers of any kind on the property that are not garaged.
2.   Vehicles of any description parked on grass on any property.   
3.   Signs may not be more than 5 feet from the foundation of the house.
4.   No ADVERTISING signs of any kind may be displayed on ANY property.
5.   Exterior structure disrepair, peeling paint, broken siding, etc...
6.   Out of Character Construction material, equipment or debris on ANY property.
7.   Yard material or debris on any property.
8.   Mowing (weeds); neglect of any property.
9.  Out of character furniture in the front of the structure.
10.  Mailbox in disrepair.
11.  Greenbelt abuse.  
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