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To ALL Seven Coves Residents
Posted on May 15th, 2020
Seven Coves Residents – Covid-19 Impacts and Restrictions
Seven Coves Pool Opening                                                                                     May 22, 2020
On May 18 the Governor gave approval for outdoor public pools to open at 25% capacity as long as social distancing could be maintained and adequate cleaning procedures were put in place. Current CDC guidance indicates that the likelihood of Covid-19 transmission in properly chlorinated pools is low and the newest guidance indicates surface transmission is much lower than previously reported.
The Seven Coves Board has reviewed the requirements for opening and operating the pool, developed a set of new guidelines for pool use and sanitation, and held an orientation meeting with our pool Monitors yesterday. Several new procedures will be in place and strictly enforced. Individual behavior is the single most important factor in reducing the risk of Covid -19 transmission and the new rules are critical as well as the need to strictly enforce them to open the pool and keep people safe.
Given these plans and procedures we believe it is possible to adequately manage pool capacity and group sizes and follow the recommended sanitation procedures so that the pool can now be opened.
The pool will open at 11AM Sunday May 24th. The pool will be open for Sunday and Memorial Day from 11AM until 8 PM and closed on Tuesday for cleaning. Pool passes will be available starting at 11:00 AM Sunday and available anytime the pool is open. Pool Passes will only be issued to residents that complete the required waiver form. We will be making the new rules and required waiver form available on the HOA website by Friday morning. Please note the pool will have open and closed intervals each day so read the rules and times carefully.
To save time please download the form, read, sign, and bring with you when you pick up your pool pass. This will significantly decrease your wait time to get into the pool. Forms will be available at the gate if you cannot download or print the form ahead of time. An ID is required when you submit your form and request your pool pass. All waivers will be kept on file at the gate to simplify subsequent visits to the pool, but an ID and pool pass will be required each time you plan to use the pool. 
Please carefully read the new rules which are for your safety and for the safety of the pool Monitors. Group size and limits on total capacity is well defined and cannot be exceeded. We want the pool to be safe and enjoyable to swimmers and families of all ages. As in the past no alcohol can be present in the pool area and anyone using inappropriate language or who fail to follow the safe use rules will be asked to leave by the pool Monitors. If this request is refused the Constables will be called. 
We are pleased that the extensive pool remodel work done earlier this year can now be enjoyed by our residents and that the pool can be opened in time for Memorial Day.
Tim Steinmuller
President Seven Coves HOA   
Please click HERE for the waiver that WILL be required for entrance into and use of the pool.
"Stop Lake Lowering"
Posted on Nov 28th, 2019
Update from 2/3/2020
Click HERE to read the update from:
Mike Bleier, President
Lake Conroe Association
Update from 1/20/2020
Click HERE to read the update from: 
Mike Bleier, President
Lake Conroe Association
Update from 12/23/19
"The Seven Coves Board supports the area community and Lake Conroe Association efforts to oppose renewal of the
Lake Conroe Seasonal Lake Lowering Program
by the San Jacinto River Authority Board. This program was enacted in 2018 and
presented as a temporary measure to allow dredging to be completed on the West Fork of the San Jacinto river.
That dredging is complete and we are now entering the six month of very low
lake levels due to the SJRA summer draining of two feet of water from the lake. 
The attached letter summarizes further action the public can take regarding a petition addressed to Governor Abbott who
appoints the SJRA Board. It will be presented to the Governor prior to the SJRA Board review January 21st."
Click HERE for LCA letter.
UPDATE from 12/20/19
Click HERE for an update on the Lake Lowering and community participation from the Lake Conroe Association President.  
Seven Coves Residents
The Lake Conroe Association (LCA) is organizing all Lake Conroe area residents via their Homeowner Associations to
lobby the San Jacinto River Authority Management and Board to repeal the seasonal lake lowering program
implemented in 2018. The program was originally labeled as "temporary" while dredging was underway on the
San Jacinto river basin to reduce flooding downstream of Lake Conroe. The dredging program has been completed
but it appears that the SJRA may now continue the program as indicated in their press release issued last week. 
For more information please read the attached materials and letter from the LCA President Mike Bleier.
Updates will be provided as they become available. 
Seven Coves Board of Directors
Click on Links below to read the document:
Garbage and Recycling Cans
Posted on Aug 28th, 2014

Your board of directors is requesting the help and cooperation of
all Seven Coves residents.  
Click HERE to read the entire article.

*** Attention ALL Residents ***
Seven Coves HOA COVID-19 Updates
Click HERE to read update dated 3/23/2020
Effective 03/20/2020 at 8:00 AM
Office is closed due to Coronavirus COVID-19.
Please contact Amy, the Property Manager, 936-856-6111, or sevencovesoffice@yahoo.com, if you need assistance.  No non-essential business will take place nor notarizing will take place.
You may drop off payments, ACC packets, etc. in the drop box mailbox.
(Black box located to the right of front doors). You may also make payments over the phone with a credit/debit card. 
If you need further assistance and it’s after hours, call 936-756-0032.
The below hours have been suspended until further notice.
Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. Tuesday 12 pm-4pm
Saturday-Sunday Closed
PLEASE be advised that if you are parking in any of Seven Coves parking lots and DO NOT have a "CURRENT" parking sticker/hanging tag you could be TOWED at owner's expense.  
If you haven't picked up your current parking stickers/tags, please visit the office.

Please do not post signs regarding lost dogs, garage sales, etc. to the stop signposts and speed limit signposts in our subdivision.  It is illegal to attach any kind of sign to a stop sign post or speed limit post and it makes our subdivision appear un-kept and unpresentable.

We suggest posting on Nextdoor website or in the Seven Coves bulletin board by the pool entrance; or in the local newspaper.  In the future, if any signs are found on stop signs, speed limit signs, etc. they will be removed immediately.  

Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Seven Coves Association

Architectural Control Guidelines
Click HERE for ALL forms that pertain to our Deed Restrictions and to access
Architectural Control Guidelines - Builders Packets.

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Water Line Flushing
The flushing program was implemented in March 2014 to address red, brown or yellow water reports that is due to naturally occurring iron levels in the drinking water supply and has been very successful in eliminating this condition.
Click HERE to read entire article.

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