*** Attention ALL Residents ***
***** PLEASE NOTE*****
You may have noticed the beautiful blue water tank being constructed at our water plant just off Lakeshore Drive. That tank was one of the subjects of our bill insert this past December. The tank is made of glass coated steel rather than the traditional galvanized steel. As discussed in our bill insert, we need an additional tank for several reasons. The primary reason is that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) now requires a full inspection of our water tanks every five years which requires draining the tank. Draining the tank is practical if you have a spare tank or a water supply interconnection. Our engineer determined that a second tank was far less expensive than finding and building an interconnection to another water system. There are other benefits as well e.g. additional water storage capacity for firefighting, improved water quality since storage tanks can be now cleaned out to remove naturally occurring iron deposits that can cause red and brown water, lower maintenance costs, etc. The new tank should be ready for service in the next few months.
Sheldon Hodgson
Board President
Montgomery County Utility District No. Two
PLEASE be advised that if you are parking in the Seven Coves Marina parking lot and DO NOT have a "CURRENT" parking stickers you stand the chance of being TOWED.  
All vehicles parked in the marina need to have either a "CURRENT"
Seven Coves Parking Sticker (which is  not red)  or a Guest Pass.  
Vehicles are being towed at the owners expense.  
We have signs posted at all entrances to the marina in plain view.
If you do not have a CURRENT stickers you can get one by going down to the office with PROOF of address and the information for your vehicles and they will be issued to you.  
Guest Passes can also be obtained from the office.
Stickers are REQUIRED on ALL vehicles.  Property owners need them for every vechile they own.
 Office Hours Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday
Office CLOSED every Tuesday, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Upcoming Events
Holiday Party - Casino Night
Saturday, December 30th, 7 to 11 PM at Seven Coves Clubhouse

Up Coming Events


Casino Night and Party

Saturday December 30th

Dinner 6:30-7:30PM 

If Pre-Registered by 12/18/17

Olive Garden

will be doing the food

Lasagna, Chicken Alfredo, Salad and French Bread


MUST Pre-Register by 12/18

to be included in the Dinner


You may attend ONLY the dinner

               if you choose


Casino Fun 8:30 to 11:30


Seven Coves Clubhouse

Seven Coves Residents and Guests ONLY


Food – Fun – Raffle Prizes


BYOB – Mixers will be provided

$10 Per Person in advance


NO Dinner will be included for any

registrations received after 12/10


$10 at the door per person

For Casino Only NO Dinner included



Limited to the first 100 that register


$10000 Casino Play money for

                each person.

Additional Play money can be

      purchased at the event


Space limited to the

FIRST 100 people that register.


NO ONE under 21 will be admitted





*How many ________ 

Will you be attending Dinner______

***PLEASE bring an appetizer to share***

*This information is required


Your registration and payment need to be in the office by Monday December 26th

NO Registrations will be accepted after that date.  No registrations for Dinner

will be accepted after December 18.  You will need to pay

at the door and Dinner WILL NOT be included if you do not Pre-Register by 12/18.

Garbage and Recycling Cans
Posted on Aug 28th, 2014 Comments (0)

Your board of directors is requesting the help and cooperation of all Seven Coves residents.  Over the past several weeks our office has received many complaints about residents leaving their trash cans and/or re-cycling containers out in front of their homes or in their side yards in plain view from the fronting street.  We also have received complaints regarding residents placing their trash cans, re-cycling containers, and piles of trash out on the curb several days prior to our scheduled trash pick-up on Tuesday morning of each week.  All of this creates a very unattractive appearance to our subdivision and deminishes our property value.  Therefore, we are asking for everyone to cooperate by immediately doing the following to cure this problem:
Please always store your trash cans and re-cycle containers either inside of your garage, or behind a fence or enclosed area, somewhere out of sight from the fronting street.
Please do not place any of your trash, trash containers, or re-cycle containers out on the curb until Monday evenings, just prior to our scheduled trash pick-up on Tuesday mornings.  As soon as the trash has been picked up on Tuesday, please promptly move your garbage cans and re-cycle containers back to their storage location out of sight from the fronting street.  If you can not remove the cans the same day after trash/recycle pickup, please ask a neighbor to help out.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Your Seven Coves Board of Directors

Water Line Flushing
The flushing program was implemented in March 2014 to address red, brown or yellow water reports that is due to naturally occurring iron levels in the drinking water supply and has been very successful in eliminating this condition. Although unlikely, you may experience discolored water for a short period during this flushing that should clear up by briefly running your faucet(s). If you continue to experience discolored water, please contact our office and we will have a technician come by to assist you. Also, we recommend not doing laundry on these days to avoid iron discoloration. WATER FLUSHING signs will also be placed at FM 830 entrance/exit and also at Harbour Town entrance/exit on Wednesday to remind you that flushing will be performed. Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions, please contact Regional Water Corporation at 281-897-9100 and press extension 3 for service assistance.
Stephen L. Woodring
Regional Water Corporation
12841 Jones Rd, Suite 120
Houston Texas 77070
281-897-9100 x 210

If you know someone in the subdivision that deserves a BIG congratulations PLEASE send the information via email to info@sevencoves.net and it will be shared here.

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Architectural Control Guidelines

In order to insure compliance with the deed restrictions, please read the deed restrictions and ACC packet fully before you decide to change the outer appearance of your home and or appearance of your lot. YOU MUST SUBMIT THE APPROPRIATE PACKET if you change the existing appearance of your home or lot.  Some examples include, adding on to the existing home, installing a new fence or changing the appearance of an existing fence, extending the driveway, replacing the roof, adding a patio, or repainting the exterior of the home, etc. The ACC committee meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.  You may download the appropriate ACC packet from this website or pick up a copy from the office.  Please submit your packet to the office, no later than 12:00 noon, the Monday before their meeting.  If necessary you may drop your packet in our mailbox drop box.
The Seven Coves Architectural Control Committee is more than willing to help with any Questions regarding the above changes.

Builders Packet #1

Builders Packet #2

No Words Needed

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2016 BEST Brisket Winner
"Road Dawgs"
Brad, Don and Brian Leavings
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