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Up Coming Events
Tuesday, April 15th to Thursday, April 30th
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APRIL Board Meeting
Wednesday, April 23rd
NO BOARD MEETING FOR APRIL.  Next meeting will be last Tuesday of May

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~ News ~
********GOLF CARTS********
Posted on Apr 23rd, 2014 Comments (0)
Almost an accident: I recieved a report from a resident this morning that last night and it was dark, she was driving home and a golf cart with a young driver, probably unlicensed as she said the girl looked about 12 ran a stop sign and came around the corner at a rate of speed that was UNSAFE and the resident almost hit her. The golf cart had NO LIGHTS.  The driver of the golf cart laughed and drove off.  PLEASE DO NOT allow your children that are NOT licensed to operate your golf carts in the subdivision DAY or NIGHT.  That incident last night could have ended differently with someone getting hurt. 
For several years, an increasing number of our Seven Coves residents have purchased golf carts.  This is great in a waterfront community like Seven Coves, where there are many amenities and many things to do during our leisure time.  Golf carts provide a fun, efficient, and convenient way to get around the subdivision without having to drive our cars or trucks.  However; for many years we have experienced safety problems with young children (unlicensed drivers) operating golf carts, and many of them have been seen operating the golf carts in an unsafe manner by ignoring stop signs; driving down the middle of the road and backing up traffic; and even driving on the wrong side of the road.  Texas laws have been modified over the past few years.  The key elements of the current laws which apply to golf carts being operated on a county road (such as the streets within Seven Coves) are as follows:      1) Golf carts must have a "slow moving vehicle" orange triangle mounted on the rear......and 2)  Golf carts must be operated by a licensed driverTHIS IS THE LAW.  Item 2) has always been our big problem here in Seven Coves as many young unlicensed persons are allowed to operate golf carts.  Soon school will be  out, the problem with "unlicensed" young children driving golf carts seems to be getting worse.  We certainly don't want to have anyone get hurt, or even worse, while driving golf carts in our neighborhood. There have already been some very “close calls” with young children driving golf carts on our streets this year which could have resulted in accidents and serious injuries.  Therefore, your Board of Directors has asked the Montgomery County Constables that routinely patrol in Seven Coves, to enforce the state laws on golf cart operation.  If they see a suspected unlicensed driver operating a golf cart in Seven Coves, they will immediately pull them over and ask to see their driver’s license. If the driver of the golf cart does not have a valid driver’s license, the officer will ask for their name and address.  The officer will then follow them to their home, and the officer will advise their parents that if the unlicensed child is caught operating a golf cart on the county roads inside of Seven Coves again, then a citation will be issued.  The Constables will keep a "confidential shared list" of the unlicensed golf cart drivers that have been stopped in Seven Coves and the parents that have been warned.  That way, the next time any Constable stops an unlicensed driver who has been previously warned, a citation will be immediately written. This Board of Directors, as well as previous Boards, have pointed out this problem in various Newsletters and in various open Board meetings, but this problem continues to exist. We feel that giving one single warning without a citation is very fair. Your Board of Directors and the law enforcement officers who patrol in Seven Coves are simply trying to protect the safety of our residents, and potentially avoid the serious injury of any child or other persons due to a golf cart accident.  So, in the future, if you own a golf cart, please do not allow any unlicensed drivers to operate your golf cart.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.
Water Line Flushing
Posted on Mar 27th, 2014 Comments (0)
MONTGOMERY COUNTY UTILITY DISTRICT NO. 2, “THE DISTRICT”, is experiencing a seasonal increase in red or discolored water reports as more residents return to get ready for the spring season. The discoloration is due to naturally occurring iron in the well water source that is oxidized by chlorine during the chemical disinfection process at the District’s Water Plant. The iron levels are well below EPA/TCEQ limits for drinking water and does not pose a health concern.
Our personnel will start a weekly flushing program on Thursdays for the next month to eliminate or minimize this problem. During this flushing, you may experience discolored water for a short period that should clear up by briefly running your faucet(s). If you continue to experience discolored water, please contact our office and we will have a technician come by to assist you.
Also, we recommend not doing laundry on Thursdays to avoid iron discoloration.
WATER FLUSHING signs will also be placed at FM 830 entrance/exit and also at Harbour Town entrance/exit on Wednesdays to remind you that flushing will be performed on Thursdays.
Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions, please contact Regional Water Corporation at 281-897-9100 and press extension 3 for service assistance.
A Friendly Reminder
Posted on Nov 18th, 2013 Comments (0)
We have recently received complaints from several residents regarding vehicles speeding on both Kingston Cove Lane and Lakeshore Drive.  As you know, we are a residential waterfront community, and as a result, we have many golf carts traveling on our streets, as well as small children out playing in the community.
When entering and leaving Seven Coves, we ask that you please drive slowly and carefully.  Please be mindful of our Speed Limit which is 25 M.P.H.
This friendly reminder will also be distributed by the Condominiums located inside Seven Coves to each of their clients when they check into the condos.  It will also be sent to Harbour Town for distribution to all of their residents.
We want to thank everyone in advance for assisting in preventing a serious accident in our community.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,
Your Seven Coves Board of Directors

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